Our History – Who we are

Our History – Who we are

We would like to explain in this section who we really are, and escape from the established when talking about the people who make up Magnus Commodities. Let’s see if we can do it…

Since the company was founded in 2014 under the name of Magnus Commodities, what we are and where we have arrived we owe it to each of the excellent people and professionals we have been lucky enough to meet – people like Adrián, Andrés, Sonia, María, Hugo, Rita, Marta, Juan Carlos, Álex or Aitor, to name a few.

It has been a pleasure to be able to share successes and, above all, mistakes with all of them, who have made us better in every facet of our exciting work.

We are a team of people very fortunate to be able to work with the best professionals in the international market, our clients, leading companies in the different sectors of activity. The daily challenge of advising Experts in a multitude of aspects, who enjoy great common sense, is what strengthens our desire to do our job better and better.

Our Team is the best we have at Magnus Commodities. It is not easy to keep up with a highly efficient and expert Team that works in a coordinated way, so when someone joins us we try to bring out their potential, discovering together “their way of doing things”, because the Team is composed of many different and individual talents.

We believe in Diversity, but really. We believe in Meritocracy, and internal Development where our people are continuously taking on challenges, sometimes faster than usual, but Magnus Commodities is a special company, where incredible things happen.

We are very clear that we must provide more and better services than our competitors, because if we don’t, our customers will look for someone who will. We have always been ahead of industry practices, and we believe we continue to do so, consolidating Decarbonization and DATA as strategic vectors of what we want to be in the future.

We have a solid core of executives that make up our Management Committee, formed by Priscila Scheel (Head of Decarbonization), Aleix Pujols (Head of Operations) and Ronaldo Kluge (Head of Digitalization) who, together with Alejandro de Roca and Felipe Gracia, Partners of Magnus Commodities, shape today’s company and what we must become in the Future.


Alejandro de Roca

Markets & Regulation Director

Felipe Gracia

Managing Director

Priscila Scheel

Head of Decarbonization

Ronaldo Kluge

Head of Digitalization

Aleix Pujols

Aleix Pujols

Head of Operations

… and The TEAM

… and The TEAM

Magnus Commodities is nothing without the people who care for, watch over and advise our clients so that they make the best possible decisions. They are women and men of different nationalities, cultures and ages, who make our company an exciting and very diverse team. We are what our team represents, differences in the way of thinking and acting, working all at the same time in a coordinated way.

We are Magnus Commodities and we are technologists, our own team of software developers works very hard every day adapting the functionalities of our M·Tech platform to all the changes that occur in the energy sector, as well as to new needs of our customers. We also have the great support of the Finance, Marketing and HR departments who add their work to make Magnus a great Company in full expansion and growth.

Thanks to each and every one of you!

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