Manage your energy in the

most efficient way with M·Tech

Manage your energy in the most efficient way with M·Tech

At Magnus Commodities we believe it is essential to have access to accurate information at all times, allowing us to control and analyze data.

M·Tech is an expert platform to provide daily and updated information on energy management, defined strategy, contract type, agreed price, quotes from different European markets, financial risk, budgets, consumption control and invoices.

Being designed and developed by our own team allows us to adapt it to each client, presenting the information that is relevant for making the necessary daily decisions in an agile and autonomous way.


Collects and manages 4,500 daily quotes and data related to local and international markets, regulation, news, etc.


Access to the fiscal meter of each consumption point through telemetry or Datadis. This way, capacities are reviewed, costs are provisioned, anomalies or changes in consumption are detected…


Daily updates of market indicators, negotiated contracts, hedges, regulated costs and consumption allow monitoring and forecasting of energy costs at the final bill level.

Invoice Control

We automatically review and claim any anomaly we find in the supplier’s invoicing.

Cost Control

Regulatory changes, complex products and data flow often lead to billing errors. M-Tech automatically reviews and claims any anomalies detected. Pre-billings are also projected, anticipating future cash flow needs.

Document Center

It houses in a single space all the documentation related to energy management, such as Contracts, Invoices, Budgets, Tenders (RFQ/QA), Technical Optimizations and Meeting Minutes.

Alerts & KPIs

Trigger system that automatically sends out alerts when limit values are reached.

Carbon Monitoring

Carbon metering involves the use of tools that include direct measurement of emissions at specific sources, as well as the use of energy and fuel consumption data to estimate emissions on the environmental impact of the activity.


Summary of the main parameters that allow a quick status check of the energy portfolio.

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