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Magnus Commodities was born as “Energy Procurement Consultants”, but now we are much more. As Pioneers we have the obligation to always go “beyond” in the search for solutions, alternatives and new ways for our clients to operate. We have demonstrated this with clear milestones, such as advising on the first PPA signed in Spain in 2017, providing Direct Consumer service when no one else was doing it, or driving Hydrogen Projects or Mobility in early stages of technology.

Talking only about Risk Management or Risk Diversification is an outdated message, necessary in part, but only one of the components of something more global as is the acquisition of Energy, where the Short (Year), Medium (2-3 Years) and Long (7 -10+ Years) must be combined.

We are in a moment where Decarbonization is not an Option, but an Obligation. At Magnus Commodities we understood this some time ago and therefore, in our conception of Energy, we must incorporate levers that affect the entire value chain of customers, from the Purchase of Renewable Energy through Guarantees of Origin, whether Electricity or Gas, to the options of Demand Management, through new fuels such as Hydrogen or Biomethane.

How we do it


The Strategy is Global, it must take into account the Short, Medium and Long Term, and not only the supply contract or the already hackneyed Risk Management, but various aspects such as the reduction of Consumption via Self-consumption, Long Term Agreements (PPAs) and/or the change of energy sources such as Hydrogen or Biomethane, to name a few.

The objective of Magnus Commodities is to use all our knowledge and the experience of working with the best professionals in the Energy Sector to design a Road Map that allows companies to combine economic and environmental objectives so that everything fits together in time.


Within Operations we include how we do our job, the great effort that implies having a team of highly demanding professionals with whom we manage Magnus Commodities to participate in a challenging project, with incredible Clients, where initiatives are developed in which only a few brands are paying attention.

Our management style consists in believing in our people, that they are managed with autonomy, while maintaining high demanding standards in the work developed. Our job as a company is to provide the means and create the right environment for our professionals to perform at their best.

Our team is Multicultural and Diverse, both in age and gender, the result of integrating and taking advantage of the differences that people have with different backgrounds, cultures, training and preferences.

The daily challenge is to provide Operations with homogeneous criteria, protocols and ways of acting, maintaining the initiative, innovation and improvement of processes, necessary to advance and be increasingly efficient.


Markets largely direct our activity as a company, they mark what can or cannot be done in the different countries where we operate, and with their highly changeable nature they ensure that we never get bored for a single day, creating an environment to adapt to and in which “everything” is never known.

Together with Regulation, these are vital components to make sense in both Energy Procurement and Decarbonization activities. Keeping abreast of everything that happens in different geographies, managed by politicians of different orientation, with diverse democratic states, is only within reach of curious people intelligent enough to separate the important from the circumstantial and analytical, to quickly trace the consequences of the different decisions, both at continent and national level.

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Take control with our online platform

A fundamental part of this Energy Procurement component is Technology, and our M·Tech platform is where we dedicate an entire section to explain how important it is to have Efficiency and Communication with our clients.

For Magnus Commodities, an Energy company that does not believe in Digitalization, with manual processes and countless Excels, has its days numbered. We are now in a world where Connectivity, Data and the agility of all of them becomes a matter of success or failure.


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