Magnus Commodities sponsored the exclusive supper with Tolda Öncu, General Director at IKEA Spain, in which we first held a private meeting where we reviewed the main achievements of IKEA in Spain. We came to understand the company’s culture and how an executive originary from Turkey being aged only 36 by the time of the designation becomes the number 1 in one of the most renowned brands in the sector of furniture and sales in general. Indoubtedly, something that was key to us was the originality and simplicity of Tolga, a close person dressing with suit and trainers (even when she meets high political charges), but with an audacy worth admiring when performing a radiography of Spain and its agents.

During the next act, Tolga draw the strategic lines of IKEA (or at least the part that can be disclosed) to explain the main topic of the encounter: “Why and How IKEA is shifting towards new business models”. It is worth looking up how a company staying at the top of its sector, is constantly re-thinking its know-how, way of doing things and direction, without fear to change, being aware that it is the only to manage businesses in our days. We debated on the size and locations of the stores, internet sales or the integration of the Energy in the IKEA’s model, which were the main topics.

Regarding Magnus Commodities, the conversation on Energy was vof great interest to us, as we know in depth was IKEA is currently doing in terms of energy purchase and use, but not the strategy for the years to come, which moves through Distributed Generation, Self-consumption and Renewable Energies.

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