Magnus Commodities participated in this contest with a project named “CONTINUOUS UNIVERSAL ENERGY DATABASE” that applies Blockchain Technology to the Energy world. This April, we were communicated by Endesa that our project had been selected as a Finalist in the Block “Chain Lab” and that in the upcoming weeks they will advance in the selection process.

This contest perfectly suits with our acknowledgement at Magnus Commodities that technology must change, and it is actually doing so, the way in which Electricity is Generated, Consumed and Managed, from a Centralized format to a Distributed one. We have the belief that different technologies will help this transition process and, without a doubt, BlockChain will be one of them. Endesa’s initiative of seeking projects that can change the rules of the game is important for the moment we live and for who it produces it. We feel extremely proud to have our project selected by Endesa and feel eager to work hard so this idea, becomes finally a reality.

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